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Does eating influence our beauty?

There are no doubts about the fact that everyone would like to be beautiful. Obviously, we can come to the conclusion that, indeed, everyone is beautiful because for each of us “being pretty” can mean something else. The best example is to point one’s favorite color – one will choose blue, but the other person without thinking would point at the yellow one claiming that it is the best for him. Nevertheless, our society is divided into those pretty ones and those who have to be much more proud of their intelligence rather than appearance. But there is certain method to be prettier and we do not think about cosmetics now. We eat particular meals everyday so it is worth knowing that what we eat influences our appearance. Why, then, should not we use this in order to become beautiful? It is really worth knowing what we should eat in order to improve the condition of our skin and at the same time correct our mood?

If you are the person who would like to use food to become much more attractive, congratulations! You will never regret this decision and probably very soon you will be able to observe the effects of it. So, let us enumerate those magical products and say a few words about their impact on our appearance. First of all – red pepper. Not everyone likes it, but it is really healthy and eating it will be beneficial for our skin. It will improve the color of our skin and its general condition – the skin will be smooth and firm. It is also good to know that red pepper is high in A vitamin, which is responsible for our sight so eating such pepper influences not only our appearance, but also our sight (thanks to which we would to see the effects of our diet). The other product is a bean, which can be treated as a kind of a snack, but it can be also added to the main meals. By eating a lot of bean we will improve the general condition of our hair. It will be stronger and shiny – like in case of women who advertize shampoos. If we would like to take care of our hair and at the same time reduce a bad breath then we should eat a lot of celery. Despite of the fact that it is hated by a few people because of its intensive taste, celery is also very healthy. And now something for young people, especially teenagers who cannot cope with an acne. Eating oysters will certainly help you make your face beautiful and it will eliminate each and every spot on it. You do not have to use domestic methods – take into consideration our tips and your skin will be in a perfect condition.


What kind of cosmetics do women use?

Everyone uses different sorts of cosmetics. Not only do women do this, but also their partners and children. How can that be? Such things as soaps, shampoos or even toothpastes are included in the wide branch called “cosmetics”. Nevertheless, women use also several other sorts of those products since they believe they will help them to be prettier and to cover up all of the drawbacks of their nature. Sometimes, men asked about cosmetics their wives use are not able to answer what cosmetics are used for particular purposes. What is even more interesting is the fact, that men do not even know all of the cosmetics their ladies use everyday. Males tend to do a lot of mistakes while talking about such products, while for females it is a piece of cake. So maybe the following article will be helpful for all of those people, who would like to learn something more about the basic equipment of beautician of every girl and woman.


The best way to cover up all of the drawbacks that are visible on our skin is to use a powder of certain color. Its shade must correspond with the color of the skin and in this way it will hide the imperfections for at least several hours. Later on, women almost always try to make their eyes much more beautiful. The use different cosmetics in order to make their eyes more expressive. Eyes are said to be the mirror of our soul so they must be emphasized. What kind of cosmetics can help in achieving such goal? Of course, those are eye shadows of various colors, mascara and eyeliners (which are rather of black color, but there are also another ones – everything depends on the whole make-up and individual preferences of each woman). Those four cosmetics can be found in each and every beautician and probably even men would be able to recognize them. However, there are also lots of other cosmetics used by women to be pretty.

Those are, for instance, lipsticks which can help to emphasize woman’s lips. It is also very significant part of our body, precisely of our face, and we pay attention to it while talking to somebody. But being beautiful does not mean only taking care of our face – it means to take care of every detail which can be visible and noticed by people surrounding us. That is why women use also nail polishes of various colors. Females’ beautician are also full of perfumes. Nice smell is like a kind of little cherry at the top of the cake and in this case the cake means, of course, a beautiful lady.


How to be beautiful?

For some people beauty is the most important issue. The do not care about money, they do not care about successes at work or at school, they do not even care about their friends. The are constantly trying to achieve their goal which is, of course, being beautiful. Among those people there are both males and females, but it is obvious for us that there are many more ladies who are searching for methods to be pretty. How, then, can they become more beautiful than they already are?

Cosmetics can stand as the first way to achieve such a goal. Probably all of the ladies in the world use various cosmetics, which are believed to cover up some imperfections visible on their skin. The other side of using cosmetics is loosing the natural beauty, but some females are blinded so it is their business. Another way to become beautiful is to take advantage of different facials. It is also very popular nowadays to be pretty artificially rather than naturally.


Nevertheless, we should never forget about the fact that our Mother Nature was aware of what she was doing so we should accept ourselves in one hundred per cent. Everyone is beautiful and the truth is that no one needs any treatments in order to feel good in his own skin.



Is it good to be pretty?

Many people would say without any thinking and doubts that it is good to be pretty. Such a feature is almost always connected with females, because it is their beautiful nature, which makes the biggest impression on other females or males. Being pretty can help in many branches of life, like for instance at work, at school or even in such trivial places as shop or a restaurant. Nevertheless, we tend to see only good points of being pretty even though there are also some disadvantages of it. It is worth mentioning them in order to have an objective view of such a situation.


It is probably not a surprise that beauty attracts men, of course if we talk about beauty in case of women. It may be positive, but sometimes having too many admirers can be really troublesome. They are writing letters, e-mails or short messages and they do not give up in spite of the fact that particular lady is fed up with this. Moreover, beautiful people, especially women, are seen as stupid ones. This is a kind of stereotype that it is impossible to have both reason and beauty. Such an opinion can be really harmful for some people since until we know each other, we cannot state our opinion. Sometimes, then, it is better to be only wise and clever.


Is beauty more important than reason?

The question asked in the title can be seen as a little bit controversial and in case of controversial topics the opinions are almost always divided. Actually, there can be as many opinions as there are interpreters. Some people claim that reason is the most important, because beauty will disappear as the time is constantly passing by. But there are also people who believe that thanks to natural beauty we can easily achieve successes and experience much more positive things in our lives. So we need to ask the next question now – who is right?


Of course, beauty can help in many difficult issues. We know, for example, how hard it is nowadays to find a job. Pretty females will always find it, no matter how high the unemployment rate would be. Moreover, beauty can make us feel good in our own body and live without any complexes. Nevertheless, the truth is that only those intelligent and wise people can cope with real problems that happen in our lives. Solving them effectively requires thinking and acuteness so a person, who is only beautiful and does not have an ability to think rationally can have problems with solving problems, paradoxically. The most beneficial situation would be when everyone had both beauty and intelligence.

Does beauty help in life?

Some people claim that beauty is the most important feature. They do not pay attention to intelligence or acuteness, but they focus on being pretty. For smart people, such kind of blindness seems a little bit strange, because appearance should be rather on second place, after the intelligence. Nevertheless, in the following article we will try to somehow justify those people giving examples of how beauty can help in life.


Obviously, many of us have already applied for a job. How many of us left the building being angry about negative results of their interviews? The truth, however, is that not our interview was bad, but there was someone better than us. Or maybe not better, but prettier for sure. It often happens that women, who look pretty and have a beautiful figure can get a job much easier than somebody who is better educated to work on particular place. Moreover, beauty can help woman also while waiting in a queues. Men give their way, because they want to admire amazing figures of females and they do not mind waiting several minutes longer. Beauty, above all, can help with finding a partner since pretty girls and ladies have lots of admirers from which they can choose the best and the most appropriate one.




Pregnant women – are they beautiful?

Beauty is a very subjective term. For each of us beauty can mean something else. The easiest way to visualize this phenomenon is to choose the most beautiful color. One would say that is it green. Another person without any doubts will point at the blue one. Someone else, however, can argue that the prettiest color ever is black. It is impossible to choose the most beautiful color, because people have different tastes and they like different things. Even though sometimes it leads to arguments or misunderstandings, our life would be boring if we were all the same. We would not have nothing to talk about, we would not be able to exchange our opinions – we would agree in every more or less important issue. Beauty is one of such an issue. If all of us were the same, we would point at the same things, shapes and colors while choosing the prettiest ones. Fortunately, each of us is a separate individual and that is why everyone has various opinions while talking about various topics. For instance, if we talk about beauty it is worth asking the question about pregnant women. Some people claim that it is such a period in which a woman is the most beautiful from her whole life. But according to things that were said a little bit earlier, there are also people who do not agree with this claiming that women do not look attractive when she is pregnant. Let us analyze those two side of various opinions and maybe it will lead us to the true one and a kind of a universal one.


Some of us love looking at a pregnant woman. It is because of two things. Firstly, because some of us claim that she look beautifully and pretty that it is hard to take our eyes of her. Secondly, we also put attention to the fact that she is an object of a miracle, because she is carrying her child in order to give  birth into several months. It is amazing and beautiful at the same time. That is why we perceive this woman as beautiful. She must be a good person if she decided to give a birth to the child take care of him and bring him up for the rest of her life. We consider this beauty according to two levels – one level is strictly physically, but the second one is rather a spiritual one. Lots of famous women and celebrities decide to take part in a photo shoot while being pregnant. Despite the fact that they are criticized by many journalists, other celebrities and reporters, those women are aware of their own beauty and that is why they want to share it with the rest of the world. There are, however, also such people who claim that photo shoots with a pregnant woman are the best ones, because they emphasize woman’s beauty and her real nature. Her stomach cannot be and even must not be reduced, because that is the most amazing element of the whole picture.


Unfortunately, our society is divided and there are some people who claim that it is unattractive to publish photographs of pregnant women. Those persons look at the pregnancy from more natural perspective. They do not consider it as a miracle, but they rather claim that during this period woman loses all of the advantages that her body was equipped with. She puts on weight and sometimes it is impossible to loose on weight as much as one has put. Moreover, some people’s opinion is connected with privacy – they believe that pregnancy should be rather a private and individual issue and celebrities should not expose their naked bodies to the world. Not everyone wants to look on a pregnant women and they have, of course, a right to deny doing it. But the other side is that women can also do what they want and what they like – that is why probably no one is able to prevent their from publishing their sweet stomachs.

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Beauty in aphorisms

We use various aphorisms from time to time, because while using them it is sometimes easier to express our thoughts and emotions. Moreover, aphorisms sound much more sophisticated and they enable us to say something using prettier and more beautiful language. Aphorisms and various citations touch upon various topics. Some of them are connected with money and probably majority of us would be able to give at least several examples of such sentences connected with money or finances generally speaking. Some aphorisms are connected with women or men – some of them touch also upon the topic of love and couples of people. But the following article will not be devoted to aphorisms connected with money, males or females. The following article is going to give several examples of famous aphorisms connected with beauty.



Beauty is by lots of people seen as one of the most important thing we can have. Maybe it is the effect of the fact that not everyone can be proud of his or her nature, because, let us face the truth – among us there are people, who look good and there are also the ones who look a little bit worse. However, aphorisms devoted to beauty include the most universal truths and we should remember them for the rest of our lives. For instance, one of such famous sentences tells us that an ugly woman is a woman, whose real beauty is hidden very deeply. What can it mean? It is not so complicated and probably all of us would be able to guess what the meaning of the sentence is. It means that there are no ugly women at all. When one calls a girl ugly it means that he does not perceive her beauty, because maybe he did not have a chance to meet her. Maybe her beauty is an intelligence or maybe it is a specific sense of humor? It does not matter – the most important is the fact that each and every woman is beautiful in her own way and in order to learn it, one must know her very well.


There is also another popular aphorism connected with beauty. It is often repeated by us in various situations, because it consists of truth and we cannot deny it. It tell us that it is better for woman to be intelligent than to be beautiful. Why is it so? Because beauty will not last forever – after some time, when the time is passing by, our beauty disappears and we cannot do anything about that. We have to agree with this since we are not able to stop the process of getting older. However, our intelligence will last much longer and when we will be old, we would still be able to think reasonably and say something smart that will surprise our listeners. In spite of the fact, that probably each and every woman would like to be both beautiful and intelligent, there is a stereotype which is as famous as the aphorism we mentioned above. Namely, it is believed that beauty and intelligence do not create a perfect pair and when a woman is beautiful, she cannot be smart and the other way round – when she is intelligent, she is probably not so beautiful. Of course, such claiming can be harmful for particular women, because it is not always like that. Some females have been given both beautiful look and an impressive reason.


The last aphorism we would like to present you is the one, which says that all of brides are beautiful, but it cannot be said about wives. When a woman becomes someone’s wife her beauty disappears. It is a kind of a joke (or maybe we should rather say half a joke and half truth), but some females admit that they feel unkempt after getting married and that their partners do not admire their beauty any more. However, much more important for woman is to be loved by him, even though sometimes he seems like he does not care at all.

What kind of underwear should pregnant women wear?


Pregnancy is one of the mot important periods in every woman’s and her partner’s lives. Waiting for such a miracle as giving life to another person is absolutely exciting and for some people these nine months are too many since they would like to have their baby much earlier. This is, however, impossible – everyone must wait the same period of time in order to have his dream come true. During pregnancy, many things change. Obviously, the biggest changes can be seen in the minds of parents-to-be, nevertheless there are also some changes that can be visible at first sight (in the case of women of course). Not only do women become more moody and choosy, but their appearance also changes a lot. Woman puts on weight and each day she becomes, saying tenderly, bigger. That is why she has to exchange majority of her clothes to the other, bigger ones. Those changes are connected not only with T-shirts, trousers, skirts, dresses and sweatshirts, but it is also needed to wear different  underwear.

Maybe not every woman thinks about underwear before making a decision about having baby, but such details are sometimes very important and we should not forget about them. Underwear which is worn by pregnant woman has to be comfortable. Of course, everything which is worn that time should be convenient, but above all the lingerie. Woman has to take care of her breasts, because within several months they will become a source of food for her baby. Brassieres cannot oppress those parts of woman’s body, taking into consideration the fact that during pregnancy they also become a little bigger. Not every woman feeds her child by breasts, but majority of woman do since they are sure that their nourishment is natural and healthy in one hundred per cent.

If we talk about the underwear for pregnant women, it is also significant to wear appropriate panties which have slightly different functions at that time. During pregnancy, panties worn by woman do not only protect intimate places of female’s body, but they are usually much bigger in order to cover the stomach, where a baby is located. Thanks to such panties, baby is warm. Moreover, panties cannot be narrow. Firstly, because it would not be comfortable for mother, and secondly because they could oppress stomach and, what follows, a child. As it can be seen, it is very important to equip woman’s wardrobe with appropriate underwear of proper sizes.

Love & Lustre – Lingerie options when pregnant from David Finnegan on Vimeo.

Why do we wear lingerie?

There is no need to say that the lingerie is the absolutely obligatory equipment of the wardrobe of everyone. Both males and females wear panties, socks, bras and other elements that belong to the group mentioned. Lingerie is worn not only by adults, but it is worn also by children, even those smallest children that are not even aware of the fact that they are wearing any clothes. A question, which comes to our minds while reading such an article can be as follows: why do we wear lingerie? Aren’t we able to take it off and wear only clothes?


The main function of the lingerie is to make us feel comfortable and convenient. Maybe we got used to wearing lingerie to that extent that we cannot or just we do not like walking and sleeping without it. Maybe if we hadn’t been showed the lingerie, we would not feel uncomfortable not wearing it. Nevertheless, everyone knows that panties and the other elements of lingerie exist and now it is too late to change it.


Another function of the lingerie is to protect the most important, sensitive and at the same time the most intimate parts of our bodies. Thanks to the lingerie, those parts of our bodies are constantly protected for instance from too low temperature.

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